Seventh- and eighth-graders from the Belleville Middle School's Science Club took aquatic samples at the tidal impoundmenIMG_0035t at DeKorte Park last week, and came up with a pipefish, grass shrimp, and killifish.
  We photographed the critters in the
NJMC Center for Environmental and Scientific Education, where MEC educator Joe Sarnoski talked about the critters and the center's resident diamondback terrapins, including the 25-year-old Stinky.

  Click "Continue reading…" for more photos and info on what the students  netted.


   Educator Joe Sarnoski introduces Stinky to the students. 

   This pipefish was the catch of the day. More on pipefishes here.

   The students caught killifish a-plenty. More on killifish here.

   These grass shrimp are a bit transparent. More on grass shrimp here.

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