Daily Archives: October 24, 2008

BANDING REPORT: 102008-102408

   This week Meadowlands Commission naturaliImg_7726_3sts banded 295 birds in North Arlington, including 27 Ruby-crowned Kinglets and 107 Savannah Sparrowsa threatened species in New Jersey and a bird we at the Meadowlands Commission are especially interested in.

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RAPTOR: ID help requested

   We have been getting all sports of Kestrels, Redtails, Ospreys and Harriers along Disposal Road, but the guy in the photo above took us by surprise the other day.
   We were at the beginning of the Saw Mill Creek Trail when this guy flew past, within 20 feet of us.
   He flew down the trail and landed on a rock by the tidal impoundment on the right.
   He is an accipiter, we figure, but need help. He (she) was fairly large. Any suggestions?