REPTILES: Northern brown snake

   We know that some people get freaked out by snakes, or even photos of snakes, so we are posting some nifty close-ups of this snake — a northern brown snake, aka a Dekay's snake, thanks to Ray Duffy's ID) on the "jump" of this post.  

    If you do look on the jump, be ready for a surprise ending.

   Click "Continue reading…" immediately below to see the snake shots.

   E-mail Jim Wright if you prefer that snake shots not appear on "the front page" of the blog.



IMG_0140 \


7 thoughts on “REPTILES: Northern brown snake

  1. Don Torino

    It’s great to see a Brown Snake in our area ! This Snake has been disappearing from the backyards of Bergen County due to over use of pesticides , This snake is great to have in your garden , It will eat slugs and insect larva !

  2. Bryant

    About 6-7 years ago I would see these snakes all over the place. In particular Curtis Wright in Wood-Ridge. However I haven’t seen one in so long. Not even in thicker woods like Oakland. Good to see there still around.

  3. Vivian

    Help, I found two of these by my retaining wall, I know nothing of snakes, and am petrified. Should I be worried.

  4. Dianna D. Davis

    Hello, I found a brown, small (8in)snake in our bushes. We carefully put it into an enclosed habitat. We are interested in knowing what to feed it. Any ideas?


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