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Telling Teal Apart

Teal comparison(2)
    For those who want to get immersed in duck identification but feel as though they are getting in over their heads, birder Claus Holzapfel offers this helpful photo.
    The two teal on the left are "regular" Green-winged Teal. The one on the right is a Eurasian Green-winged (or common) Teal. Got that?
    Thanks, Claus!

    P.S. Both types of the GW Teal have been feeding side by side near low tide in the tidal impoundment south of the main parking lot at DeKorte on Monday and Tuesday.

   A previous G-W Teal post (with a right-side-up view) is here.


   This weekly feature is brought to you by the Meadowlands Commission's Parks Department to give you some historical background on how local places, landmarks, and geographical features  got their name.

Schuyler Avenue, North Arlington  

   In the entire history of the Hackensack Meadowlands no one ever said, “Thar’s gold in them thar hills!” Copper Mine Underground Sketch

   But in the early 1700’s someone said, “There’s copper in those hills.”  

   That “someone” was Arent Schuyler born in Albany, New York in 1662.  

   His is the story of the discovery of copper in the meadowlands.

    Arent was the first of the Schuylers who gave their name to one of this area’s oldest roads: Schuyler Avenue.

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