By now, we are certain that the Meadowlands in winter is one primo place to see raptors — from Rough-legs and Harriers to Peregrines and Kestrels.  Not to mention the frequent Bald Eagles and (this winter) a Snowy Owl or two.
   We've received several raptor shots from readers of this blog this week, and we thought we would post them — or links to them here. Above and below are immature Bald Eagle shots taken by Mehrhof Pond in Little Ferry.
   To see a couple of Ray Duffy's Rough-legged Hawk pix, click here and here. To see Ray's Rough-legged video, click here.
   To see two of Deborah Allen's NYC Peregrine photos, click here and here.  She wonders if some of the Peregrines may  be foraging in New Jersey, as she sees them headed west over the Brooklyn Bridge and out of sight.  Both birds have been banded with black and green bands, like the pictured earlier this month on this blog here.


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