World Series of Birding, Jr. Edition Part II

World Series of Birding                                                    Photograph by Kristin Mylecraine, NJAS

    Linda Gangi reports that the two teams of young birders that Kristin Mylecraine and she fielded for the World Series of Birding last Saturday  tallied 84 and 85 species in 11 hours:

   "Highlight birds for the day were Glossy Ibis, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Cape May Warbler, Blackpoll, Yellow-throated Vireo, Common Raven (left) and Rough-winged Swallows.

   "The team met at DeKortePark at 7am, briefly birded the immediate area and then headed over to Garret Mountain.  By 11 a.m. we had tallied 55 species.  

  Click "Continue reading …" for more of Linda's report — and why getting lkids involved in the World Series of Birding is a great idea.

    "We then moved on to Laurel Hill Park and  Mill Creek Point, followed by Mill Creek Marsh for low tide.  After that it was off to DeKorte and environs, where again we caught low tide.

    "The teams increased their species by about 12 birds this year, so it was their personal best.  They have improved each year and look forward to beating their total next year.    

    "It is heartening to watch the kids work so hard and take such joy in finding each species. More than one parent has told me how excited their child is about having the opportunity to bird with kids their own age."

  Linda's previous entry on the WSB is here.

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