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Jersey City Peregrine Cam update

   Birder/photographer Dave Rotondi reports:  

   "The falcon eggs at 101 Hudson in Jersey City have hatched, and you can see the male and female caring for and feeding the young falcons.  It's fascinating to watch."
  … But you have to check back a few times if things are slow.
   The link is here.


We had a full-house for our Harrier Meadow walIMG_6385k last Friday morning.
   The weather was great, and so were  the birds — we had 42 species, including Orchard Oriole and Dunlin (above, amid sandpipers), plus some Diamondback Terrapins sunning themselves on an old truck tire (right).
   For the first time on one of these walks, we did not see a raptor — until the very  last minute, when one was seen perched in the distance, chowing down on something formerly animate.
   Click here for previous Harrier Meadow walk posts.

   Click "Continue reading…" for the full list, compiled by birder Ray Duffy, and shots of the group, the Orchard Oriole and an irresistible Swan "under arm."

   Thanks for compiling the list, Ray!

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