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Marsh Wren plus

Marsh Wren 5-16-10     Birder/photographer Dave Rotondi writes:
   "DeKorte continues to amaze with its diversity.  There's something new around every corner!
   "I was lucky enough to have a Forster's Tern display for me and have a Marsh Wren serenade me with its tail straight up in the air.  Too bad it was overcast this morning, but I wanted to share these pics with the blog."
    Dave also had Cedar Waxwings on the Kinglsand Overlook Trail over the weekend.
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Nighthawks — how you can help!

   Common Nighthawks have been seen in the Meadowlands of late.
   We saw this guy (above) flying around the former 1-E Landfill in North Arlington last week, and birder Ray Duffy reported seeing one near an Office Building on Chubb Avenue in Lyndhurst a few days earlier.

   Nighthawks and other members of the Nightjar family aren't seen that often in these parts — to the point where the New Jersey Audubon Society does not include the Meadowlands in its annual Nightjar study, a project done in cooperation with NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife's Endangered and Non-game Species Program.
   That status could change if enough Nightjars are seen and reported here this year.
   If you see a Nightjar in the Meadowlands, or want more information about the Nightjar survey, please e-mail Kristin Mylecraine at this e-mail address.

   For more on the national Nightjar study, click here.

   For a list of the existing Nightjar survey points in New Jersey, click "Continue reading…" immediately below.

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