More Cormorant Antics


      This summer has been a bumper season for bizarre Double-crested Cormorant shots — from one being rescued after getting its neck wedged in an old  tide gate to one getting into a wrestling match with an eel.    

   This time around, we thought we'd show a sequence of what D.C. Cormorants do best — eat fish.

     The sequence was photographed last week at DeKorte Park out by the Saw Mill Creek Trail.    

   Click "Continue reading…" to see the sequence.






4 thoughts on “More Cormorant Antics

  1. Kyle

    Nice captures and blog! So was the bird really able to win the struggle and gulp that big/spiky fish down entirely okay?? Does the unlucky fish put up a good fight, if eaten , is the fish swallowed wriggling all the way as well!?


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