Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Today’s Ridgefield Walk


  We had a great walk with the Bergen County Audubon Society in Ridgefield today — nice weather, nice birds and a nice bunch of people. 

   Don Torino of BCAS and Karen Riede of the Ridgefield Nature Center led the way. 

IMG_0070    Highlights included a Hermit Thrush at the Ridgefield Nature Center, lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets at the Ridgefield Community Garden, the delightful (but loud) Monk Parakeets of Railroad Avenue (below), plus  an American Kestrel (left) and (immature) White-crowned Sparrows at the Skeetkill Creek Marsh.

  Attendance was more than two-dozen birders of all experience levels.

   Thanks to all who participated, and a special thanks to Bruce and Karen Riede for all their help.


DeKorte Is Nifty This Time of Year


      There may not be as many birds at DeKorte these days, now that the water levels in the Shorebird Pool are on the rise again, but for a late afternoon walk, DeKorte is still amazing — especially on a sunny autumn day.

   We walked around at 4:30 p.m. the other day, just as a Northern Harrier hunted above the tops of the Phragmites and yellowlegs and a few other lingering shorebirds worked the shallows.

   Yes, the one photo is in black-and-white. Just making sure you're paying attention.