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Tuesday Teaser 033010 (Updated)


   We shot this photo late one rainy day last week of a distant duck. We were thinking it was a Blue-winged Teal, but a sharp-eyed reader suggested a female Greater Scaup. (Sounds good to us; thanks, Rosemarie.) Any other theories?
   Other Tuesday Teasers are here. As we get into bird-banding season, we'll try to ramp up this feature again.

Tuesday Teaser 011209: Find the Shrike!


    The Northern Shrike can be seen anywhere within a half-mile of the Retention Pond on Disposal Road, but we see the little dude tucked away along the barbed-wire Cyclone fence around the pond. He can easily hang out in there and go unnoticed.

    So we thought we'd show you a typical view of the shrike in his semi-typical spot, and see if you can find him. (He is believed to be a male because he is the biggest Lyndhurst crooner since Lou Monte.)

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Tuesday Teaser 010510


    The past few months, we've seen these guys mostly from the distance. Because of duck-hunting season, they are extremely skittish.

   We got this shot and a few others when a pack of gulls drove them off one of the impoundments at Harrier Meadow last month.

    Who are they?

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