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Tuesday Teaser 092209

    We got this guy out of the Hackensack River recently.  Who is he?

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   What do you think of this sort of Teaser? (Trying to take a break from the bird posts.) E-mail us here.

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Tuesday Teaser 091509


   We have been trying to get one of these guys to sit still long enough for us to take a photograph for more than a year now.

   We didn't realize just how beautiful they are until this guy landed on a weed on the 1-A Landfill in Kearny late last month.

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Tuesday Teaser 090108


    Here's a different type of Tuesday Teaser, featuring one of the Route 3 bridges over the Hackensack River. 

    This photo includes a Peregrine Falcon. Where is she?

    The answer could be useful for anyone taking one of our pontoon boat eco-cruises  or participating in an eco-cruise during the upcoming Meadowlands Festival of Birding, just 11 days away.

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