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Christmas Bird Count 2009


    Mike Britt reports:

     "The Lower Hudson Christmas Bird Count [which includes the Meadowlands] will be held on Sunday, Dec. 20.

   "For those that have never participated before and would like to…please consider that this is a 'great escape' from the masses doing their last minute  Christmas shopping. 

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  Click here for posts from the 2008 local count.

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Sneak Preview: 40th Anniversary Gala Slide Show

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     There's a big black-tie event tonight in East Rutherford to celebrate the Meadowlands Commission's 40th anniversary, and we were asked to put together a slide show (mostly of nature shots) that will appear on video monitors at the event.

   But you don't have to wear a tux or pearls to see the show. A preview is here.

   We hope you like it.