September Bird-Banding Stats


    NJMC naturalist Mike Newhouse and a small bunch of great volunteers have been busy banding birds on or near the closed Erie Landfill as part of a larger research project aimed at creating  more habitat for threatened and endangered avian species.

   One of the stars of September: the threatened Savannah Sparrow (above). More than 150 were banded last month. We also banded 50 Indigo Buntings.

   Many of our Tuesday Teaser close-up photos were taken of these banded birds.

   Click here for previous blog posts on bird banding.

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American Goldfinch-38

American Kestrel-3

American Redstart-13

American Robin-8

Barn Swallow-1

Black and White Warbler-7

Blackpoll Warbler-6

Black-throated Blue Warbler-1

Blue Grosbeak-1


Brown Thrasher-2

Canada Warbler-1

Common Yellowthroat-33

Connecticut Warbler-6

Downy Woodpecker-2

Eastern Phoebe-7

European Starling-6

Field Sparrow-1

Gray Catbird-47

Gray-cheeked Thrush-1

Grasshopper Sparrow-1

House Wren-6

Indigo Bunting-50

Least Flycatcher-3

Lincoln's Sparrow-11

Magnolia Warbler-6

Mourning Dove-1

Northern Cardinal-1

Northern Mockingbird-13

Northern Parula-1

Northern Waterthrush-12


Palm Warbler-39

Prairie Warbler-1

Rose-breasted Grosbeak-1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-1

Red-eyed Vireo-1

Savannah Sparrow-156

Song Sparrow-59

Swamp Sparrow-20

Swainson's thrush-1

Traill's Flycatcher-27


Warblering Vireo-2

White-eyed Vireo-2

White-throated Sparrow-5

Wilson's Warbler-1

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-1

Yellow-breasted Chat-1

Yellow Warbler-7

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