Laurel Hill Raven Update

    After we got word that Common Ravens had been seen on Disposal Road three days in a row this week, we thought we had better check on the nest just below the cliff at Laurel Hill in Secaucus.
   Bottom line: All appears well. We saw one raven on the nest (above). We know, it's a little to hard to see a raven in the shade,  but we try…
   The other raven was perched in the tree below the nest. It was kind enough to fly past — probably on its way to Disposal Road.
   To top things off, we had a Peregrine Falcon (above left) fly overhead.
   Neat place, that Laurel Hill.

   Tomorrow: Kearny Osprey Update.


One thought on “Laurel Hill Raven Update

  1. julie mccall

    Hi, Jim…
    Do you know if there’s a record of the ravens successfully fledging young from their nest? Obviously, we wouldn’t know if said young made it after leaving, but I’m curious if offspring at least made it out of the nest.


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