Bird Report 021411: Bald Eagle over DeKorte

IMG_4443 Wouldn't you know: The day after our free nature walk, we had a nice but fleeting look at a Bald Eagle.IMG_4451

The bird  flew from the Kingsland Landfill over Disposal Road and Transco Trail past Teal Pool.

Got a couple of quick shots, above and right.

A Red-tail had flown in from the same direction just seconds earlier.

Also: American Wigeon have arrived and are in the Saw Mill Creek Tidal Impoundment.

2 thoughts on “Bird Report 021411: Bald Eagle over DeKorte

  1. Fred

    Great pics of the bald Eagle. At what hight was this Eagle when photo taken? the pictures came out really nice, I only have a vivatar digital camera with a zoom. I hope since weather to be nice next few days .will be down to center and browse around see what I see. I have a new hike walk pole and good track shoes ,so if get down there just need to see the birds get some pics and or just even get the fresh air and enjoy the views are good enough for me. Thanks you everyone for your efforts in getting these pictures. seeing photos of Bald Eagles flying in North Arlington is amazing to me.

  2. Jim Wright

    Fred, I am guessing the bird was 100 feet above us. We had a 400mm hand-held telephoto Canon lens. There are still icy patches on some trails — hopefully the warmer weather will take care of them…


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