Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

Bird Report: Mill Creek Point 080711

Ray Duffy reports:

At 4 p.m.[Sunday] I headed to Mill Creek Point. I was able to track down a Saltmarsh Sparrow that had been reported by the Meadowlands Commission last week when they were searching for the Seaside Sparrow.

I also had a female bobolink in the marsh as well. Both birds were found from the Mill Creek Point side of the boardwalk before the first channel feeding the marsh.

It was high tide and I had quite a few peeps resting in the high marsh areas but didn't have my scope. A number of semipalmated plovers flew overhead as well.

Thanks, Ray!

Banded Peregrine Update

Late last month, we photographed a young Peregrine Falcon in Carlstadt — and noticed a distinct band on its left leg.

Because it is a first-year bird, banding information was difficult but not impossible.

We contacted Barbara Loucks of the N.Y. State DEC, who responded: "This was one of three young from a nest site at the northern tip of Manhattan… [In early June] it went to a rehabber, where it was treated for frounce, and then released near its nest site on 6/10/11. Glad to hear it is doing well."

The distance between the nest and the spot where we saw it is roughly 9.5 miles. Frounce, by the way, is an infection of the digestive tract.

For more on Frounce, click here and then do a search for "Frounce."