Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

DeKorte Butterfly Garden News (Clear-winged Moth)

August 11_Clear-winged Moth_0711SM-1 Lots of good butterflies in dribs and drabs yesterday at DeKorte Park's Butterfly Garden and environs.

These included Monarchs, Red Admiral, Silver-spotted Skippers and Broad-winged Skippers.

But the insect of the day was "clearly" the Clear-winged Moth at right, photographed by R.T. Geoghan. (Thanks, R.T.!)

The Meadowlands Commission has added steppingstones (below) to the Butterfly Bushes between the MEC and the walkway out to the Marshview Pavilion.

Now you can see butterflies (and clear-winged moths) without stepping on plants or getting your shoes or boots muddy.