Daily Archives: November 15, 2011

Eurasian Green-winged Teal at Mill Creek Marsh

On our Mill Creek Marsh this morning, Denise Farrell found a distant Eurasian (Common) Green-winged Teal in the first tidal impoundment, standing next to an American Green-winged Teal.

The photo above was taken with a 400mm lens, then cropped, so image quality is not too hot. Note the teal on the left lacks a vertical white bar, and has a bold line above the eye.

We saw a Eurasian GW Teal on a guided walk last winter at Mill Creek Marsh (along with a Bald Eagle and a Gray Ghost; link is here).

We have also seen Eurasian GW Teal in years past in Teal Pool at DeKorte.  In fact, that DeKorte impoundment was named for this teal. (How's that for trivia?)

We will print a full list of birds seen on today's walk tomorrow, with pix…

More on these teal here as well.