Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

‘Don’t Eat the Fish’

Crab-english Crab-portugueseThe state Department of Environmental Protection is distributing signs in three languages — English, Spanish and Portugese — letting folks know that fishing and crabbing along the Hackensack River and in Newark bay is catch-and-release only.

The River is making a great comeback from the bad old days of rampant polluting, but this is a reminder that it still has a ways to go.


This Week’s ‘Focus on the Meadowlands’

IMG_0059-2This week's "Focus on the Meadowlands" feature on the wildnewjersey.tv blog features:

* A Common Milkweed seed in Harrier Meadow

*  Unexpected beauty atop the old Erie Landfill

* The orange crown of — you guessed it — an Orange-crowned Warbler, photographed at the Meadowlands Commission's bird banding station at the base of that landfill.

(All three photos were taken within 20 minutes of each other a week ago.)

The link is here.