Daily Archives: November 17, 2011

Photographers Wanted: For Green-winged Teal Pic

Tuesday, on a guided walk of Mill Creek Marsh, Denise Farrell spied a Eurasian Green-winged (Common) Teal, fairly scarce around here.

The bird was perched alongside an American Green-winged Teal in the first tidal impoundment as you walk counter-clockwise around the trails. It was sort of in the middle, next to a long piece of dock that somehow found its way into the marsh.

IMG_9244-1I took a few distant shots (including the one on the right), but it was a cloudy day, and the teal was chilling and had his head tucked the whole time we were there. (He's on the left in the pic.)

We sure could use a better photo of it, if anyone has the inclination.

We are getting requests for better photos, so if you are in the vicinity and want to take a shot, here's a photo approximating where the teal was in the impoundment on Tuesday.

E-mail them to jim.wright (at) njmeadowlands.gov.