This Week’s ‘Focus on the Meadowlands’

IMG_0059-2This week's "Focus on the Meadowlands" feature on the blog features:

* A Common Milkweed seed in Harrier Meadow

*  Unexpected beauty atop the old Erie Landfill

* The orange crown of — you guessed it — an Orange-crowned Warbler, photographed at the Meadowlands Commission's bird banding station at the base of that landfill.

(All three photos were taken within 20 minutes of each other a week ago.)

The link is here.

One thought on “This Week’s ‘Focus on the Meadowlands’

  1. kc

    Thanks for the orange crown shot. I’ve observed this species in the field, but have never seen the elusive orange crown. I’ve never even seen a photo of it.


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