Glaucous Gull at DeKorte

Dan Poalillo reports on Jersey Birds:

"Wednesday morning I got good looks at a first or second-cycle GLAUCOUS GULL at DeKorte Park in Bergen County while standing at the corner of the Transco trail near the Turnpike. 

"The bird flew in from the east (over the Turnpike) in the company of three Herring Gulls.  I could easily see its bicolored bill, cream-colored plumage and lack of black on the tail or wings as it flew just 20 feet over my head and continued east. 

"When it reached the landfill across the impoundment it parted company with the Herring Gulls and headed slowly north towards suburbia.  I lost sight of it as it approached the old transfer station.

I would assume this bird is hanging out in the area and may be (one
of) the same bird(s) reported by others early in the season.  Also present were approximately 60 Canvasback."

(Thanks, Dan!)  Would sure love for someone to get a photo!

More on Glaucous Gulls here.

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