Glossy Ibis at Mill Creek

Ibis Glossy 004 L n J 041912 6x4h REV
Liberty Valance writes:

"Last night while Jeanie and I were walking around MCM about 6:30 we spotted this unusual bird in the area by the turnpike bridge …my first thought was…is this the Little Blue Heron???
BUT the bill was longer and curved…then I realized that it might be an IBIS…we were so excited and I did have the camera….so we took as many photos as we could.
The Glossy Ibis was busy having it's evening meal and wasn't bothered by us. It did move to the other side on the pond though…it is really interesting to watch…it puts it's head completely under water to get at the things it's eating!
(Thanks, Liberty and Jeanie, and thanks to Mickey Raine for editing the pix!)
Ibis Glossy 001 L n J 041912 6x4h REV

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