Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

‘Birding For Beginners’ Starts This Weekend

For the third spring in a row, the Meadowlands Commission is teaming with the Bergen County Audubon Society to present three "Birding for Beginners" classes over the next three Sunday.

The free, family-friendly classes run from 1 to 3 p.m., with a helpful classroom presentation on birding IDs, birding optics, and birding guidebooks, followed by a walk around DeKorte Park to put our new-found knowledge to work.

You are also welcome to attend just the walk portion of the classes.

Details on all three classes follow.(Can you ID the two birds above?)

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‘Birds of the Meadowlands’ Checklist Now On-line

We are pleased to post our pamphlet "Birds of the Meadowlands checklist"  NJMC Birdsfor download. (Printed pamphlets are also available at the Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park.)

This free color pamphlet is designed will help enhance bird-watching for birders of all levels.

The brochure provides a checklist of more than 250 species found in the Meadowlands District, as well as photographs of many of the most abundant birds.  It also lists the seasons when each species is most likely to be seen.

Download NJMC_bird_list_lores

The checklist divides birds into distinct categories, including the various species of waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey, rails, herons, gulls, woodpeckers and warblers.   

A Bonus Teaser Answered (Finally!)

Ray Duffy labeled this cellphone pic "Odd thing in Cedar Tree," from Mill Creek Marsh late last month, and suggested it as a Tuesday Teaser.

We posted the pic as a bonus Tuesday Teaser, and here's what we learned from Mickey Rayne:

The site below offers detailed information regarding what is, in fact, the Cedar Apple Rust, as Mike G had wondered earlier. It is a gall and/or fungus disease that attacks crabapples and such.


Elaine and I had just seen it for ourselves during a photo-op walk toward the end of the daylight hours today. We are not certain that it is the same one posted as the "teaser," but it is the same thing.

(Thanks, Mickey!)