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Now That’s Birding For Beginners!

Marie Longo got this shot of two fledgling birders on last Sunday's Birding for Beginners walk. (Thanks, Marie!)

Our next class, brought to you by the Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission, is Sunday at 1 p.m.  The topic is optics, and the brief talk will be followed by a 90-minute walk. If it rains, we'll go to Plan B for the walk.

Green-winged Teal at Mill Creek

April 16_Green-winged Teal Male_Regina Geoghan_6482SM-001
Regina Geoghan writes:

"Had to share – so excited that I finally got the opportunity to get a shot of one of these beauties. 

"Couldn't believe that he stayed close enough for long enough to get the shot in nice light. 

"Mill Creek a little after 4 on Tuesday as the tide was starting to come in.

(Thansk, Regina!)

Tuesday’s Walk

We had a great walk in Harrier Meadow on Tuesday, kicked off with a bird-banding demonstration by the Meadowlands Commission's Mike Newhouse. (Great to see so many new faces and familiar faces!)

Walk highlights included a Blue-winged Teal, a Spotted Sandpiper and lots of raptors.

Full list follows. (Thanks, Denise, for help with the list, and thanks to Marie Longo for the photo!)

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Tuesday Teaser Answered

B Junco, Dark-eyed, Slate-Colored 002 RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ 040912 OK-002
Yesterday we asked you to test your observation skills by counting the number of charismatic juncos you could see in the above photo.

The answer is four, nicely numbered for all to see.

Congrats to Jim Kuehlke for posting the right answer (and Mike G. for hedging his bet), and thanks again to Mickey Raine for supplying the teaser!