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Reserve Your Seat Now For a Special Major Screening!

LostBirdProject_Labrador Duck_01-001
Here's your first chance to attend a free September screening of the acclaimed new documentary film, "The Lost Bird Project,"about the stories of five birds driven to extinction in modern times and sculptor Todd McGrain’s project to memorialize them.

LB-poster-001The event is on Thursday, Sept. 13,  from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

The Meadowlands Commission, Bergen County Audubon Society and Ramapo College are proud to sponsor this special screening, along with a question-and-answer session afterward with artist Todd McGrain,  director Deborah Dickson, producer Muffie Meyer and executive producer Andy Stern, Jim Wright from the Meadowlands Commission and  Don Torino from Bergen County Audubon Society.

The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum will have specimens of the extinct Passenger Pigeon on display at the center, and you will also be able to view two Heath Hen specimens after the screening.

We will post more information as the event grows closer, but we wanted to give everyone a heads up so they can save the date.

To reserve seats, click here.

Details about the film follow.

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Teaser Answered

Tuesday teaser

Congrats to Roy Woodford and Tom S. for each getting half of Tuesday's two-part Teaser.

The nautical signal flags do indeed spell "NJMC" (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission), and were the logo for last month's inaugural River Barge Park Day. (Thanks, Roy and Tom!)