Incredible Diamondback Terrapin Action Photos

When we were leaving DeKorte Park Friday night, we encountered a Diamondback Terrapin crossing the road where there was no designated pedestrian (or terrapin) crossing.

We stopped anyway, thinking this would be a great Tuesday Teaser (Why did the terrapin cross the road?), but it turned out to be an amazing action sequence.

More photos follow.

The terrapin accelerates as it approaches the stopped vehicle. Fortunately, we set the camera for a high shutter speed…

The terrapin squeezes as close to the tire as it can, similar to running a tangent in a 10K race.

Once on the grass, the terrapin shifts into high gear. (If you squint, you'll see the image is slightly blurred.)


After its strenuous 16-yard sprint, the terrapin pauses to catch its breath.

The entire sequence took less than a half-hour to photograph. Seriously.


6 thoughts on “Incredible Diamondback Terrapin Action Photos

  1. julie

    These are great, but didn’t you get any shots of the Eastern Cottontail heading the wrong way up Disposal Road???


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