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Disposal Road Update

This morning we saw lots of American Kestrels perched along the road, plus a Peregrine and a Red-tail, when we drove the road once.

1-IMG_1067Highlights reported from yesterday afternoon included 10 kestrels mobbing a Cooper's Hawk, Red-tails, a Merlin and two Northern Harriers (including a Gray Ghost above, on a very gray afternoon). 

Valley Brook Ave. late in the day yielded a perched (and dancing) Common Raven, left.

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Greg Gard’s Disposal Road Raptor Shots

Dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A6971 copy
Greg Grad was nice enough to share some of his shots of the raptor action along Disposal Road on Tuesday — including the shot above of the banded Peregrine eating its prey in flight.

Below are a couple of shots of a dueling young Peregrine and Cooper's Hawk.

Dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7107 copy

Dekorte-greg-gard-20120925-_B4A7090 copy

Greg's shot of a Northern Harrier tangling with the upside-down Peregrine is next. (Thanks, Greg!)

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