Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

Roy Woodford’s Sora Photo from DeKorte

Roy Sora
Roy Woodford writes:

"I found this little guy was hanging around on the side of the Marsh Discovery Trail last week about 150 feet past the first floating platform.  

"Once he got used to the sound of a Nikon's shutter, he decided he didn't mind me too much.  I actually had to back up several times while he was feeding … he kept walking inside my minimum focus distance of 18 feet (that rarely happens … lucky day for me)."  (Thanks, Roy!)


Disposal Road Deer

IMG_6610Ron Shields writes:

"Caught this guy one morning earlier this month, crossing Disposal Road and acting as if he owned the place."  (Thanks, Ron!)

Not necessarily good news. :- )  — also saw one crossing Valley Brook Avenue just outside DeKorte today, taking its own sweet time.


Weekend Bird Report: DeKorte Soras and Virginia Rail!

Takacs Va Rail Sora-001Chris Takacs writes:

"Sunday morning at DeKorte, I saw 2 Soras, 1 Virginia Rail and only 70 or so Great Egrets. I had the Virginia Rail and 1 of the Soras feeding together, It was rail-ly cool! Photo was tough with low light but they're both there.

I also had a Connecticut Warbler by the entrance to the marsh Discovery Trail."  (Thanks, Chris!)

We will post other Virginia Rail and Sora shots from the past few days as time allows.

DeKorte’s Little Wild Flower Garden

August 28_Wildflower Patch DeKorte_RTGeoghanSM_0529
Regina Geoghan writes:

"Not to forget the really pretty natural flower patches that are at DeKorte Park.   That little flower patch by the parking lot  is so pretty and cheerful."

(Thanks, Regina, for reminding us to post something about this new "little flower patch." It's a nother nice addition to the park.)