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Disposal Road: Heaven for Raptor Lovers


Yesterday afternoon, the raptor action along Disposal Road atop the former Kingsland Landfill was incredible.

In a 30-minute spane, we saw multiple American Kestrels, a Northern Harrier, three Red-tails, at least one (banded) Peregrine Falcon and what we think was a Cooper's Hawk. 

The raptors were strafing one another and, believe it or not, at times apparently working together to drive a flock of Canada Geese off the landfill.

Included above are shots of a Northern Harrier going after the Peregrine Falcon. (Both are endangered species in New Jersey.

Below are photos of the Northern Harrier with the Peregrine upside-down below her, as well as a Red-tail harassing the Canada Geese.

TOMORROW: Greg Gard's pix of the Peregrine eating prey in flight, plus a duel between the Peregrine and (likely) Cooper's Hawk.

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Losen Slote Clean-Up: Thanks to Volunteers

Don Torino of the Bergen County Audubon Society reports:

"On Sunday, Four of us cleaned up 3 bags of garbage and cleared the trail through the meadow that was completely grown over — 3 volunteers plus me.

"Jackie, Mary and Jack all worked real hard . I just need to get back there with a hedge clipper to finish it off." 

(Thanks, Don and crew. Great job!)



The Ron Shields Kearny Marsh Report

1-Copy of IMG_5707
Ron writes:

"Here are some images of several close encounters in the Kearny Marsh on Sunday afternoon. 

"The Northern Harrier was a fly-by right off my bow and the plovers were photographed within an oar's reach of my lens.  The Black-bellied Plover was extremely cooperative. 

"The Keegan landfill held at least seven kestrels both hover-hunting and perched on the surrounding poles.

"Wading birds abounded, including several Green Herons."

Plover pix follow. (Thanks, Ron!)

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