Disposal Road: Heaven for Raptor Lovers


Yesterday afternoon, the raptor action along Disposal Road atop the former Kingsland Landfill was incredible.

In a 30-minute spane, we saw multiple American Kestrels, a Northern Harrier, three Red-tails, at least one (banded) Peregrine Falcon and what we think was a Cooper's Hawk. 

The raptors were strafing one another and, believe it or not, at times apparently working together to drive a flock of Canada Geese off the landfill.

Included above are shots of a Northern Harrier going after the Peregrine Falcon. (Both are endangered species in New Jersey.

Below are photos of the Northern Harrier with the Peregrine upside-down below her, as well as a Red-tail harassing the Canada Geese.

TOMORROW: Greg Gard's pix of the Peregrine eating prey in flight, plus a duel between the Peregrine and (likely) Cooper's Hawk.






3 thoughts on “Disposal Road: Heaven for Raptor Lovers

  1. Jim Wright

    Thanks. Kingsland Landfill is on your left coming from Schuyler, near the Carillon and on until the curve leading you uphill and around to DeKorte… Tomorrow’s pix by Greg Gard are excellent.


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