Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

Coming Tomorrow: More Weird ‘Floatables’ Photos

In the past couple of weeks, this blog has posted some of the weird stuff found during our Post-Sandy volunteer cleanups, like "Sandy," above, who now has her own Facebook page. (Can't make this stuff up.)

Tomorrow, we're posting photos of five very strange dolls that have washed up here in years past. For some reason, they evoke the Meadowlands of yesteryear.

Don Torino’s Column on Losen Slote

Don Torino's latest column for wildnewjersey.tv is about Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry after Hurricane Sandy.

Here's a sample: "Losen Slote Creek Park, a 22-acre birding hotspot, sometimes called the 'Secret Garden of the Meadowlands,' was one of those places that couldn’t escape the hurricane’s fury.

"Located in storm ravaged Little Ferry, Losen Slote (Dutch for winding stream) is one of the last remaining lowland hardwood forests  in the Meadowlands, which makes it a critical habitat for many migratory bird species such as Hooded Warblers, Swainson’s Thrush and Fox Sparrows.

"Although it is in the middle of suburbia and in the most populated county in the state, Losen Slote is also a vital area to many other great birds like Great Horned and Barred Owls, Wood Ducks, and Hooded Mergansers."

The link is here.