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Our Latest Column: Meadowlands Big Year

Grebe2 roy-006Jim Wright, who keeps this blog, also writes a twice-monthly Meadowlands nature column for the South Bergenite. His latest is on the Meadowlands Big Year competition:

This year marked the first-ever “Big Year’ competition in the Meadowlands — a contest for birding enthusiasts to see how many species they could see in the district during this calendar year. Although 2012 is not over quite yet, one thing is clear: the Big Year has been a big hit.

All 11 participants (including me) have already seen more than 100 species in the Meadowlands, and two participants have seen more than 200 species. Now that’s a lot of birds!

Since the goal of the Big Year was not only to encourage folks to do more bird-watching closer to home in the Meadowlands but also to highlight the wide range of amazing birds we have here, I have to say “mission accomplished.”

I recently asked participants what their “best” bird was so far, and the variety of the replies gives you an idea of the wide range of birds we have been seeing.

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Kearny Turkey

Ron Shields had mentioned that he had seen a Wild Turkey hanging out in a cemetery on the southeast corner of the intersection of Schuyler Avenue and the Belleville Turnpike in Kearny.

We looked for the turkey discreetly (it is a cemetery, after all) from Schuyler Ave. and — sure enough — there it was.  There's even free parking along Schuyler.  One of the easiest birds to see all year. (Thanks, Ron!)

Looking Back: August 2012

TCH20_081112smThe year 2012 in the Meadowlands marked the opening of River Barge Park in Carlstadt, Butterfly Day and Moth Night, lots of great nature sightings, our continued partnership with Bergen County Audubon Society, and (alas) Hurricane Sandy.

We thought we'd remember 2012 by looking back, month by month.

Here are some highlights from August (click text for link to the post):

Aug. 2: Molting Cicada at Moth Night

Aug. 9: More about that Banded Peregrine

Aug. 10: Clear-winged Moth

Aug. 15: How Now Brown Dow?

Aug. 16: Tricolored Fishing (above, Buckingham needham's dragonflyphoto by Herb Houghton)

Aug. 20: Amazing Least Bittern Shots

Aug. 28: Meadowlands Sunset Shots

Aug. 30: Dragonfly Report (Photo by Stephen Buckingham, right)


Our 2012 Guided Walks: Total Species List!

If you participated in all of the 30+ guided walks and events sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society in 2012 and paid really great attention, you could have seen 142 species of birds.

Denise Farrell of the BCAS compiled a list of all the species seen at these events. Pretty amazing list but it's a pretty amazing place!

(Thanks Denise!)

Full list follows. (Our first walk for 2013 is Sunday, Jan. 6. Details soon.)

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