Kearny Turkey

Ron Shields had mentioned that he had seen a Wild Turkey hanging out in a cemetery on the southeast corner of the intersection of Schuyler Avenue and the Belleville Turnpike in Kearny.

We looked for the turkey discreetly (it is a cemetery, after all) from Schuyler Ave. and — sure enough — there it was.  There's even free parking along Schuyler.  One of the easiest birds to see all year. (Thanks, Ron!)

2 thoughts on “Kearny Turkey

  1. Amanda Quinn

    Hello, I saw the turkey this morning on Kearny Ave. in the parking lot of the kearny Federal savings bank. Poor thing is probably scared and hungry. The police said there is nothing they can do. Isn’t there an organization that can rescue and take it somewhere remote out of harms way?


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