Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

Disposal Road Report

Mike Girone writes:

Spent Saturday afternoon on Disposal Rd. with a few photographers. Somewhat slow, and unfortunately no Great-horned Owl sightings, but still had some interesting moments.

After a lone Northern Harrier was working the Kingsland Landfill, we counted up to 3 American Kestrels at once: one perched on one of the black pipes protruding from the landfill, with 2 others competing for perches along the treeline that borders the road & Transco Trail.

An adult male Peregrine Falcon and a Red-tailed Hawk were actually sharing one of the high-tension towers on Saw Mill Creek Trail near the Carillon (the falcon on top, the RT on a low cross-bar).

The rest of Mike's post and two more of his pix follow. (Thanks, Mike!)

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