Latest (New) Disposal Road Sighting

Roy MeadowlarkRoy Woodford writes:

You just never know what will show up on Disposal Road.

This is a first for me … Eastern Meadowlark.

I ran down the street when I saw it.  That must have been quite a sight … me sprinting with the tripod over my shoulder.

That Meadowlark is no lemon.

Thanks, Roy, and sorry about the Meadowlark Lemon joke, but he’s a cool guy!)

3 thoughts on “Latest (New) Disposal Road Sighting

  1. John on Chubb Ave

    Out the power lines just before the bridge is what I believe to be a dead meadowlark laying on the ground. At least it was there on Tuesday. It looked fine except it was dead. Couldn’t quite explain that one.


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