Mill Creek Marsh Map for Nelson’s Sparrows, Sora

We had a request for information on where Ray Duffy and others saw the Nelson’s Sparrows yesterday, and thought we’d share.

Above is a map of Mill Creek Marsh to help those interested in looking for the Nelson’s and a Sora that Ray saw on the same trail. “X’ marks the Nelson’s; “Y” marks the Sora — with the understanding that these birds may be nowhere near these spots 24 hours later.

Park in the Mill Creek Marsh Parking Lot next to Bob’s Discount Furniture. Start following the dotted blue line at “Walking Trail Entrance” in lower right hand corner of map. At first fork, bear left. (Sora was seen hanging out on left near two smallish downed trees, across from a wooden platform.) At second fork, stay left. Pass the first cul de sac on left. Nelson’s Sparrows were seen on the left, just before the second cul de sac on left, in the Spartina. They occasionally popped up. (Thanks again, Ray!)

Directions to Mill Creek Marsh are in the right-hand column of this blog.

Good luck, and e-mail us any photos you get!


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