Teaser-palooza: Winners & Answers to All 9 Weeks

After nine weeks, 15 contestants and several stumpers and curveballs, we are pleased to announce the winners of the Teaser-palooza.

And we have a tie:  Mary Kostus and Valerie Knipping. Congrats to both winners, who answered all weeks’ questions correctly except for the two trick bonus questions that involved a black-and-white TV and a “palm warbler” along the way. One of the winners will receive “The Warbler Guide,” courtesy of Rick Wright of WINGS Birding Tours, and the other will receive “Mid-Atlantic Birds: Backyard Guide.”

We hope you had fun.

And a special thanks to Mike Newhouse and his wonderful volunteers at the banding station for letting us photograph these beautiful birds up-close.

Here are the answers to the nine-week-long Teaser-palooza.

2 thoughts on “Teaser-palooza: Winners & Answers to All 9 Weeks

  1. Janet T

    Great job to all involved! Lots of fun even though I was stumped on most of the photos! It just shows me I really need to get out more and sharpen my skills.

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