Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

12 Bald Eagles in Ridgefield Park: Video

Jill Homcy visited the Bald Eagle nest in Ridgefield Park after our New Year’s Day walk last week (viewing it from Ridgefield) and counted 12 eagles total. Yikes! Jill writes:

“As I approached the area I could see what I thought was 3 eagles soaring above and I hoped they would still be there by the time I arrived at Bell Drive.

“To my shock when I arrived there were several eagles flying around along with quite a few gulls and a flock of Common Mergansers in the water below. Final count by the time I left was 12 eagles, (2 adults, the rest varying age juvies.)

“Most were perched to the right of the nest, but one or two were also perched off to the left a hundred yards or so away.

“I did hear trills several times but at no time did I hear serious alerts or see Al or Alice (the nesting adult eagles) objecting to any of these youngsters.”

Jill also took some videos, embedded above and below. (Thanks, Jill!)