Daily Archives: January 29, 2014

Bird Alert: Snowy Owl @DeKorte Park


1:50 p.m. update:  A gentleman walking near the Transco Trail reports that he accidentally spooked the Snowy, and it took off toward the turnpike. May still be around but…

There’s a Snowy Owl on the ice on the Saw Mill Creek Tidal Impoundment.  Take the Transco Trail toward the NJ Turnpike. Spotting scope is best, but it can be seen through binoculars.

Needless to say, stay on the trail.

Don Torino Latest Column: A Super Meadowlands

Laurel Hill — photo by Marco Van Brabant

As the attention of the world’s media descends upon East Rutherford on Super Bowl Sunday and the focus of it is on the touchdowns that are thrown and the football heroes that are made.

“I hope that at least for at least a brief moment that the incredible technology of the NFL cameras that from a few hundred yards away can spot a dropped ball or a fumble, a first down or a receiver pointing up into the heavens after a touch-down will for a brief second or two show the world the real New Jersey Meadowlands, the one that draws crowds not only on Sunday afternoons to a man-made facility but the Meadowlands that attracts people to the marshes and meadows to witness the wonders of the natural world every day of the year.

The real Meadowlands is where real Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, Seahawks and Cardinals thrive in an almost magical environment despite the traffic, weather conditions or the TV schedule.

The link is here.