Daily Archives: February 28, 2014

Ravens in Carlstadt

On a visit to a Carlstadt marsh last week, we encountered two Common Ravens.

One was eating something on the snow, and the other was perched in a tree. The one perched in the tree appeared to break off a small branch and fly toward the Hackensack River.  The other followed shortly thereafter.

If you see any raven nest-building going on at Laurel Hill or elsewhere in the Meadowlands, please contact this blog.

What We Might See in March


To see what might be seen March in the Meadowlands, we thought we’d run some highlights from March 2102  and showcase some of the great photography that folks have contributed.

(Thanks to all!)https://meadowblog.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/6a00e553bb7c208834017d421aaeab970c-pi.jpg Just click on the text to link to the post.

March 1: Unusual Archival Newspaper Clipping

March 7: Monk Parakeets Doing Well

March 8: ‘N.J. Big Year’ Visit to the Meadowlands!

March 12: Ron Shields’ Latest: RB Merganser

March 19: Harbor Seal Pix  & Interview w/ Expert!

March 20: Bird Sightings: O’Sprey!

March 22: Kearny Marsh, Before and After Sandy

March 26: Roy Woodford’s Grebe w/Fish Photo Sequence

March 29: Pheasant on da Grass