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Where to Park @ DeKorte to Look for Snowy Owls

DeKorte trail guide inside map 8-013If you are coming to DeKorte Park to look for Snowy Owls, the best place to park is either in the visitors lot by the administration building or in the far parking lot, beyond the parking lot with the solar canopy.  That way you do not have to walk around the piles of snow  or (heaven forbid) try to climb over them.

On the map above, “x” marks the places to park… Yellow line is the Transco Trail, a good vantage point to look for owls. Please stay on the trail and view any owls from a distance.  We did not see any owls as of 4 p.m. today, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around.

Thank you.

Latest Snowy, Merlin Pix from Patrick Carney

Patrick Carney writes:

Here are some photos from Saturday from today, featuring the famous Disposal Road Merlin, a distant Snowy Owl, and an Eastern Meadowlark, which, along with the Merlin, was found near the Meadowlands Ballfield.  (Thanks, Patrick!)

Super Bird Sunday — Final Coverage

superbirdsunday.pdf-page-001Due to the crazy weather last week, just finishing our Super Bird Sunday coverage now.

Wanted to bring your attention to the coverage in the Secaucus Home News by Edna Duffy.

You can download the pdf superbirdsunday here. We also wanted to include some photos by the NJMC’s Brian Aberback, below.

(Thanks, Edna and Brian!)