Daily Archives: April 30, 2014

Tree Swallows Like Their Fancy New Home

1-IMG_8753With hundreds of Tree Swallow nesting boxes in the Meadowlands, we thought we’d put up one with our logo on it to see how the swallows would respond.

It was love at first sight — and second sight.  Here’s a sample of photos taken within the first minute of its installation in Teal Pool in DeKorte Park.

What to Expect in May

To see what might be seen in the Maedowlands in May, we thought we’d show some highlights from last May..

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May 3: Mill Creek Marsh from the Air

May 5: Severe Outbreak of Warbler Neck @ Losen Slote!

May 6: DeKorte Park in Bloom

May 8: Unusual Mill Creek Mammal

May 9: An Early Happy Mother’s Day! (Above)

May 12: The Marsh Hawks Win! The Marsh Hawks Win!

May 14: Ridgefield Mother’s Day Walk: The Full List

May 16: Losen Slote: Warbler Capital!!

May 25: Look Out for Snapping Turtles!

May 31: Industrious Barn Swallows @ Disposal Road