Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

DeKorte Bittern Pic & More

DeK_Bittern2_009 copy-001Joe Koscielny writes:

I stopped at DeKorte on Sunday a.m. Missed the Avocet sighting. Did see the American White Pelican (below, left), Least Bittern (above),a group of Semipalmated Sandpipers (below, middle), and a Short-billed Dowitcher (below, right).  (Thanks, Joe!)

News Flash: Banded Canada Goose Was From…


Remember that neck-banded Canada Goose seen at Laurel Hill last winter? (Note snow in the photo by Jill Homcy, above.)

Several folks reported the bird to USGS, and Chris Takacs finally got a report back.

The Canada Goose was from  (insert drum roll, please)…



The next you know, we’ll learn that the American White Pelican and American Avocet currently staying at DeKorte are from America.  (Thanks, Chris!)

Information on the goose follows. Continue reading

Marsh Discovery Trail Work Progressing

Construction on the Marsh Discovery Trail continues — with great progress.the old slippery plastic boardwalk has been totally removed, and the new cedar plank boardwalk is being put into place, complete with wooden railing (below, left).

One of the docks has been replaced as well (below right), and judging from the muddy prints on the railings (below center), the herons and egrets approve. These photos were taken Monday.