Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

Giant Swallowtail at DeKorte

081914 FTD I Swallowtail, Giant 001bEf RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ 081914 OK FLICKRMickey Raine writes:

After the Harrier Meadow walk, we went straight to DeKore Park and were treated to the magnificent sight of the enormous GIANT SWALLOWTAIL.
It was so actively fluttering its wings at such an incredible rate, and rarely would it open its wings fully for one to appreciate.  So, we just kept following it and shooting away in rapid succession, all in hopes of having garnered a few solid shots.
Thanks, Mickey!


A Report on Tuesday’s Walk

081914 FTD B Gull, Laughing 001af RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ Harrier Meadow Breeding Adult 081914 OK FLICKRMickey Raine writes:

Tuesday morning’s Harrier Meadow  walk had produced some nice sightings, including the Semipalmated Plover  and the Laughing Gull — besides the more commonly seen birds we have encountered numerous times.

The Laughing Gull was neat, for the laughing sound is so similar to that individual everyone knows — the guy with the annoying laugh.

(Thanks, Mickey!)