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River Barge Park: 1,000s of Peeps

DSC_0248NJMC Naturalist Emeritus Don smith took these shots of semipalmated Sandpipers at River Barge Park near high tide on Saturday.

He estimated their numbers to be between 1,500 and 2,000. (Thanks, Don!)

Now appearing daily through late August. (The peeps, not Don.)


Wing-tagged Great Egret at DeKorte

tagged egret sanfordAsk and ye shall receive.

On Monday, we reported Chris Takacs’ sighting of a wing-tagged Great Egret in the Shorebird Pool, with “C19” on its bright yellow/orange tag, and asked photographers if they might get a photo of the aforementioned bird.

So a tip of the NJMC cap to Allan Sanford for the photo above.

In the Meantime, NJMC Naturalist Mike Newhouse reported the sighting to the USGS and also phoned New York City Audubon‘s Susan Elbin, who told Mike that the bird was banded as a juvenile on July 10 in Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Queens, more than 20 miles away as the egret flies.

(Thanks to all of the Fab Four:  Allan, Mike, Susan and Chris!)

In case you are wondering, we have had similar sightings in years past. The link to a sighting last summer — of another wing-tagged Great Egret from Jamaica Bay — is here. Another from 2012 is here.

More info on how to report sightings of wing-tagged birds is here.