Dog Found in DeKorte Park

dk_IMG_9362On Sunday, a dog without a collar was found at DeKorte Park; it is now at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

The dog is an adult male black-and-brown hound mix, according to the shelter.

Mike Maddaloni, who helped rescue the dog, writes:

“What a great dog … Took a little while to gain his trust, but after giving him water and pasta, he warmed up to us, sat near our cars, and tried to get in our cars to go ‘home.’

“Just really sad but it gives us hope that he will find a new home …He’s a very healthy dog, meaty, between 4-5′ long, big, strong, shiny coat, I don’t think the photos do him justice.

“Good temperament, responds to commands, no wounds, etc, and most important is a bird watcher he snapped his head around at every bird that flew overhead or by us)!”

If you know anything about this dog and possible owner, please call the shelter at (201) 229-4600. The shelter is located at 100 United Lane, Teterboro.  (Thanks, Mike!)


4 thoughts on “Dog Found in DeKorte Park

  1. Mike Maddaloni

    Quick update today from the shelter, he is doing great, he allowed the staff to walk him around, he is being friendly with them, responds to commands (still), just really sad that no one has come to claim him, he seems as if he was a good pup before being lost, was a tad skittish while alone in Dekorte understandably, but now, in the shelter of all places, he has reverted to being a good pup. If by next Tuesday the owners still do not claim him, he will be put up for adoption, and I’m sure he will make a great companion for someone out there.

    Thank you for sharing the photos Jim, he deserves a chance to find his owners or a new home.


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