Daily Archives: September 23, 2014

Meadowlands ‘Green’ Restaurant


Photo by Jaimie Winters/South Bergenite

The current edition of the South Bergenite has an article about the district’s first officially “green” restaurant, Terre a Terre in Carlstadt. Everything about the restaurant — from the food it serves, to the menus, to the décor, to the cleaning agents — is considered environmentally friendly.

“Terre à Terre received the association’s certification under a US EPA grant awarded to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) to assist the region’s food and beverage industry in implementing green initiatives,” writes The South Bergenite’s Jaimie Winters.

… “Through its Green Restaurant Initiative, the NJMC is working to help the region’s food and beverage industries realize energy savings and boost profits through a variety of sustainable business practices.”

The story is here.

Wednesday: Bonus Walk @ DeKorte Park

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 24), the Meadowlands Commission invites you to a free guided nature walk celebrating the reopening of  DeKorte Park’s newly rebuilt Marsh Discovery Trail.

The walk follows the commission’s monthly meeting, and should begin around 10:30 a.m.

The half-mile trail was severely damaged and knocked out of commission by Superstorm Sandy.

We are pleased to announce that the trail is looking pretty awesome again after a major rebuilding effort. Please come and see for yourself.

Photo below is of a piece of the trail that the storm relocated onto the Transco Trail 100 yards away.


We’re Talkin’ Turtles Here

IMG_3643The NJMC’s Ildiko Pechmann discovered a bunch of fledgling Snapping Turtles wandering around DeKorte Park near the administration building.

The NJMC’s main turtle man, Brett Bragin took these photos and then relocated the little shell-shocked guys to an undisclosed location.  (Thanks, Ildiko and Brett!)