Meadowlands ‘Green’ Restaurant


Photo by Jaimie Winters/South Bergenite

The current edition of the South Bergenite has an article about the district’s first officially “green” restaurant, Terre a Terre in Carlstadt. Everything about the restaurant — from the food it serves, to the menus, to the décor, to the cleaning agents — is considered environmentally friendly.

“Terre à Terre received the association’s certification under a US EPA grant awarded to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) to assist the region’s food and beverage industry in implementing green initiatives,” writes The South Bergenite’s Jaimie Winters.

… “Through its Green Restaurant Initiative, the NJMC is working to help the region’s food and beverage industries realize energy savings and boost profits through a variety of sustainable business practices.”

The story is here.

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